ussd4all 0.0.4 is out

Unfortunately nokia refuses to fix bug in USSD realization without any explanations. So I have to continue supporting my dirty hack. New in this version:
  • PR 1.3 support
  • Patcher fixes. No more infinite rebooting when librtcom-call-ui is not recognized. Many thanks to yoush for pointing out the problems.
  • Word wrap in qussd. Now it can display long lines too
  • You can copy reply to clipboard (use keyboard to select: ctrl+a or shift + arrows, and ctrl+c to copy. Theoretically I've told QT to accept selection by mouse, but it seems, that there is still some misunderstanding between us whether user should be able to select text even if he can't edit it or not)
  • You can enter multiple asterisk if you need. Just wait 4 seconds and press the button again