Bike computer UI

I'm currently in a process of making UI for bike computer and I would like to know your opinion about it's usability. Four types of elements can be placed on display: clock, current speed, counters and graphs. The most interesting ones are counters. They store information about distance, average, maximal and minimal speed and about time spent for riding. They can show statistics:
  • From certain point in time
    • Reset on program startup (done)
    • Manual reset, remembers values between starts
    • Resets when you stay still for X minutes
  • For last X minutes (done)
Counter can also be paused for some time (for example you stop to take a rest but you don't want this break to affect your average speed) (done internally, but no UI yet). Main feature is that counters can be added dynamically (planned). If you want to measure time needed to travel from certain point you just add new counter.
Now about layout. Currently application looks like this:
Horizontal layout would have two columns. Left one would contain clock and counters. Right one would contain current speed, speed graph and counters (displayed with bigger font and another layout).
I plan to implement following controls:
  • To add new counter drag speedometer to counter area
  • To pause/resume counter you need to drag it to the right
  • Press and hold clock to enter/leave editing mode. In this mode you can sort counters, delete them and configure them
  • In counter configuration dialog you would be able to select measuring units and which layout should be used for this counter. By selecting layout you select which fields should be shown to you
  • When speed logger would be finished, it's control would be on the right of speed
Recent version of software is in attached file. No installer yet. You would need libqt4-experimental-declarative package to run it.
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Bile Computer UI

Good thing, would love to see somehting like that. Where do you get speed, acceleration etc from?

bike ui

including the height meters realised would be awesome to achieve....normal bike computers lack this option as you need gps to calculate it.

Keep in mind, that GPS makes

Keep in mind, that GPS makes bigger error in height, than in latitude and longitude. It could be 20 meters or more, so it is only useful on hilly terrain where height variation is quite big.

I've made a simple odometer

I've made a simple odometer sensor:


That is what I use as a support:

For first I have the polar support for watches, you can atach it to the handelbar or the stem:

And for the phone I use the griffin iphone aero band.

It works perfect, is not 100% waterproof but you can run under the rain.

Entering Edit Mode

Looks like a cool project. Can I suggest that a long press in any of the counters (not just the clock) goes to edit mode. Like most people I don't real instructions :-) I would do a long press on the counter I wanted to change and expect a menu or edit mode. If you enter edit mode from pressing any counter I think people would "get it" without being told.

how to mount n900 to bike?


I really like this project, I like to bike with my n900 as well (and having gps when I get lost :))

However, I have some simple bike mount which is horrible, the n900 did already jump off it once and landed on the road at 35 km/h (approximate speed, but no damage :))

So I will be evaluating and hopefully helping with this software, but I would love to know how you mount the n900 on your bike?

- Remco. It It seems that I was lucky that first universal holder in a shop suited n900 so well.