USSD-widget 0.1.8 released

This version fixes old bug with missing python-dbus dependency (the only known to me bug in previous version) and adds some dbus interfaces to widget. It can be useful if you switch on and off some services with USSD codes. To use them you firstly need to know widget id. You can read it in the header of settings dialog (ussd-widget.desktop.0 is the name of the first widget on your desktop). Then you can use one of following commands:
  • Make widget to execute USSD query.
    dbus-send --system --type=signal /su/kibergus/ussd_widget su.kibergus.ussd_widget.renew string:'ussd-widget.desktop.0'
  • Change background color. Color should be in #RRRGGGBBBAAA format. Following command makes widget green
    	dbus-send --system --type=signal /su/kibergus/ussd_widget su.kibergus.ussd_widget.set_bg_color string:'ussd-widget.desktop.0' string:'#000fff000fff'
  • Change text color. Following command makes text red
    	dbus-send --system --type=signal /su/kibergus/ussd_widget su.kibergus.ussd_widget.set_text_color string:'ussd-widget.desktop.0' string:'#fff000000fff'
If you have a service which can be enabled and disabled by USSD-codes you can add one widget per code and specify as a chain handler bash script, which would make the widget green and other widget red. So you would see, if service is enabled at the moment.
P.S. Color is not remembered at shutdown, only when you press on save button in settings dialog. So directly after boot widget color indication could be wrong.